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Criminal Defense Attorney in Weatherford, Texas

Commitment, Integrity, Professionalism in Texas Criminal Courts

Confusion following a criminal arrest can cloud a suspect’s judgment, especially if it means a first tour of the justice system — which can seem complicated and intimidating.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed after an arrest for a violent crime, white collar crime, drunk driving or a felony drug crime, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to seek out a criminal defense attorney with decades of experience and a track record based on success in thousands of cases. And if that skilled lawyer is a former prosecutor, who has seen the law work from both sides of the aisle, even better.

Skilled Advocacy When You Need It

In the North Central Texas counties of Parker and Palo Pinto, the law firm you’re looking for is the Law Office of Mike Maloney.

When Mike Maloney represents your interests in criminal courts, you are tapping into a more than 40-year commitment to excellence which began in the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office. Mike knows how prosecutors think, and stays one step ahead of them with timely tactics, in and out of court, to your benefit.

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The next chapter of your life begins with one phone call. That call or an email message to the Law Office of Mike Maloney can secure your initial consultation. The sooner you discuss your legal issues, the sooner the hard work of protecting your rights can begin.