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Texas gets tough on distracted driving

You’ve seen the billboards and other ads. The state campaign against distracted driving, “Talk, Text, Crash,” is in high gear. But there is much more to it as Texas takes action to cut down the number of injuries and deaths caused by people who are not keeping their eyes on the road.

There is much more to distracted driving than just texting. If you have been injured in an accident there’s a good chance that some form of distraction was involved. This can help your case and make it much easier for you to get the settlement you need to make a full recovery.

Not A User But Caught With Drugs?

Picture this; it’s your first week on campus, and you meet a couple of other students at the cafeteria. You start to hang out together and go to a couple of parties. Later on in the week, one of them asks you to deliver a sealed envelope to the other acquaintance. You think nothing of it, but maybe you should think again.

Consequences Of Possession And Distribution

Online marriages said to last longer

Technology is changing the world. When this firm opened more than 40 years ago, IBM was introducing the first desktop computers. Today, we put them in our pocket and use them to watch videos on the go. Technology does not just increase convenience, though. It is changing the way people think and interact, including marriage and divorce.

Online dating has evolved significantly since the early days of matching compatibilities. Some of today’s most popular dating sites are over 20 years old. It has grown from novelty to the norm. According to a recent MIT report on changing perspectives, online dating is the second most common popular way that couples meet.