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Does the reason for divorce matter?

Spouses get divorced for a variety of personal reasons. Two people may have grown in different directions and fallen out of love with each other. They may have insurmountable disagreements about money or values. Sometimes one spouse falls in love with someone else.

There are many justifiable personal reasons for getting a divorce. If you are considering ending your marriage, you have probably thought carefully about your personal reasons for doing so. However, not all personal reasons are legally valid.

Increase your visibility on a motorcycle ride

Texas winters are mild compared to the frigid conditions of the north, making it possible for motorcyclists to enjoy riding almost all year round. But no matter the time of year, an enjoyable ride can quickly turn sour in the event of an accident.

Because of the size of motorcycles, drivers are less likely to see you on the road. So, you’re often at a high risk of getting into an accident with another vehicle. While you can’t control how attentive other drivers are, there are measures you can take to increase your visibility on the road.

Helping your kids through a hard divorce

A divorce is an emotionally difficult experience for everyone involved—you, your spouse, and your kids. There is conflict in the house and likely has been for some time, and that conflict affects everyone. But you and your spouse are the adults, and—while you may be struggling to get through the day yourself—you need to consider those in your care.

Divorce may be the best thing for all involved in an ultimate sense, but don’t forget to do what’s best for your kids in the process.

Do you know how to avoid a commercial truck's blind spots?

Many motorists do not recognize all of the challenges associated with driving a commercial truck. Truck drivers have a responsibility to take extra care to avoid dangerous mishaps. However, understanding the challenges trucks present can help you better protect yourself and your family from experiencing a devastating collision.

One of the most dangerous challenges are a truck's blind spots. These blind spots are much larger than the blind spots on any passenger vehicle, and they are located on every side of the truck.

Risky holiday decisions can lead to severe consequences

Winter holidays like Christmas and New Year's are some of the biggest celebrations of the year, which encourages many people to let loose, often with the help of alcohol. However, at the end of the night most people want to go home, even though they may be too intoxicated to drive themselves.

Drunk driving often leads to severe car accidents that can cause life-changing injuries or even death. In Texas, someone is hurt or killed by drunk driving every 20 minutes, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Cooking and driving dangers on Labor Day weekend

As the majority of companies have Labor Day off, thousands of families around the country are planning to celebrate with their additional non-work hours. Some travel to a relative's house in a different state while others are fine having a backyard grill out with a couple of beers at their sides. The personal finance site WalletHub found that over 40 percent of Americans have a barbecue over the weekend while nearly a quarter of the population plans to travel elsewhere, with over 85 percent of them traveling by car.

Felony drug charges don't have to mean the end

A felony drug charge in Texas is no laughing matter. Major drug charges come with major penalties, and can mean considerable time spent behind bars, heavy fines and a debilitating mark on your criminal record that will stay with you for good.

If you or a loved one have been arrested on a felony drug charge, you need to act quickly. The best thing you can do is get in contact with a lawyer who will fight in the court room to beat the charges that have been given.

Study: Pedestrian deaths reached nearly 6,000 last year

Pedestrian deaths in the U.S. held steady in 2017 compared with the previous year, but the number - nearly 6,000 - is not a comforting one. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), pedestrians and drivers continue to live dangerously and not always compatibly, but important safety strides are being made in some states such as Texas.

Texas gets tough on distracted driving

You've seen the billboards and other ads. The state campaign against distracted driving, "Talk, Text, Crash," is in high gear. But there is much more to it as Texas takes action to cut down the number of injuries and deaths caused by people who are not keeping their eyes on the road.