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Meet the Team

Man typing on a computer and working at a desk

Mike Maloney

Attorney at Law

I've always been passionate about helping the little guy. After earning my J.D. from Texas Tech, I started my legal career as a criminal assistant DA. I eventually decided to start my own law firm in order to provide personal attention, collaborative counsel, and strong advocacy to individuals all over Texas. My work as a criminal defense attorney and family lawyer allows me to seek positive, cost-effective results for you and your family.

Woman writing on a notebook with a pencil while wearing a gold ring

Lori Cooper

Legal Assistant

Ever since watching my father as he worked in the legal field, I knew I wanted to help others find favorable resolutions. Since joining Law Office of Michael G. Maloney, I've strived to make an impact on the lives and futures of my fellow Texans. My background in drug and alcohol counseling helps me take a different approach than most when it comes to criminal justice. My goal is to help individuals and families achieve the fresh start they deserve.