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Online Marriages Said to Last Longer

Nov. 10, 2017

Technology is changing the world. When this firm opened more than 40 years ago, IBM was introducing the first desktop computers. Today, we put them in our pocket and use them to watch videos on the go. Technology does not just increase convenience, though. It is changing the way people think and interact, including marriage and divorce.

Online dating has evolved significantly since the early days of matching compatibilities. Some of today’s most popular dating sites are over 20 years old. It has grown from novelty to the norm. According to a recent MIT report on changing perspectives, online dating is the second most common popular way that couples meet.

Online Marriage Data

Couples who meet online often come from different social circles. There are more long distance and more interracial relationships, among other changes. While the cultural changes are interesting, the effect they have on society is just starting to be measured. According to MIT’s data, couples who meet online are more likely to stay together. Specifically, the study notes lower rates of divorce among marriages that began online.

Declining Divorce Rates

As a whole, US divorce rates are on the decline. Data since 2014 shows the numbers going down for a variety of reasons. One is that couples understand the challenges of marriage and often work ahead against potential problems, including the use of legal documents.

For those with disparate incomes or property between partners, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can alleviate financial pressure and reduce tension before it comes to a head. While most people are familiar with prenuptial agreements, the postnuptial is a newer, similar idea that defines property ownership between a couple after the marriage. It reduces conflict, clarifies ownership and defines the succession of property for those with children from a previous relationship.

New Resources for Changing Families

Family law has changed along with technology and culture. While couples may need assistance resolving a child custody dispute or getting a divorce, there are many ways to improve a relationship as well. Some personalities prefer to have clearly defined property and roles. Documents such as a postnuptial agreement can reduce stress and make relationships function more smoothly.